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Tom Alfuth
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My series ‘The Growth of a County’ aims to highlight the rapid increase in urban development and infrastructural improvements within Cambridgeshire in recent years. I set out to create compositions that depict the transition of the landscape, displaying the evolution of the county as its settlements continue to expand over time. A high demand for housing in the East of England has resulted in the development of new towns in the region. New towns including Northstowe are documented within this series, in addition to the major A14 road improvement project. Each composition emphasises the scale of these developments, compositing multiple photographs. In terms of the future, this continues to raise the question of how sustainable these developments on the landscape will be. Despite often bringing economic wealth to the area, how will these developments affect the stakeholders involved, for example the lives of local residents, communities, wildlife and the environment?

Image Title: The Growth of a County

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