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Leah Sethna
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Leah Sethna is a documentary and portrait photographer focusing primarily on political issues faced by sexual minorities in a global society. Each image is carefully curated with collaboration from each participant, allowing the photographer to immerse herself into each community she comes in contact with. This project features five queer women who discuss their personal experiences with the concept of romantic love. The stories shared in this project are deeply personal and aim to help educate those who are not of the community about how valid the documentation of love is for those who are too scared to embrace it. In hopes, this project would leave an impact on the LGBT youth to always remain authentic and acknowledge the feeling they are confronted with. By focusing directly on the little things about love, this project shows the idea of women loving women with a certain subtlety which can often be overlooked. The proclamation made by each participant is handled with grace and provides the viewer with an in depth perception of what queer love entails. The LGBT community continues to fight long and hard for their right to equality which is why it is important to create a narrative that supports but also celebrates the liberation provided with such freedom.

Image Title: Little thing about love; Kayleigh

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