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Tasha Adalia Livingstone
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Graphic Design effects every person’s perception of items making them seem more or less attractive. This is why laws over the labelling and packaging of medicines have been introduced to UK, advertising laws means no glorifying of medication is possible. However, this method of restriction is not stopping the increase of prescriptions being taken advantage of. In combatting this issue, I aimed to find a designed solution to advertise the harmful effects of medication overuse. Through this I finalised a brief question that I set out to answer through my investigative studies and design iterations before settling on the solution seen before you.

How can I utilise letterpress and the styling of Victorian pharmaceuticals to highlight the dangers of over use of medications? By focusing on the side effects, I hope to provoke the public to ‘snap and share’

the campaign thus leading to debate surrounding the topic. Most recently the NHS has been making the public aware of the over prescribing of antibiotics. It is right to address this topic and the more serious matter of the over prescribing of medication in general. I have produced an impactful campaign with a sensitive yet communicative and aesthetic design style to impact the public to make the right choices when considering medication. The Victorian style of apothecary labelling is a good link to current over-use of medication as this was when legislation surrounding pharmaceuticals was first introduced.

Image Title: Hogg & Son Pharmacy Sample

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