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Emmanuel Asare-Adu
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My Final Major Project explored the rebranding of the ‘Year of Return, Ghana 2019’ campaign. I focused on taking their existing brand and investigating how the identity could be improved, from existing visual assets such as the logo design to the website design, but expanding the project to develop other assets that would be necessary to convey and promote the campaign’s message.

As a designer, I wanted to help deliver the message of the campaign through visual communication. This campaign encourages many Black people around the world to travel or return to Ghana in both mind and in spirit, committing to the progress and advancement of the country. Being Ghanaian myself, I saw greater importance in this project. It enabled me to commit to the progression of the place which I originate from, giving the campaign something more colourful and vibrant than what was currently proposed, connecting more to the audience and culture in Ghana.

Image Title: Year of Return, Ghana 2019

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