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Tania Teixeira
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As a concept-driven artist, I work across various mediums with a focus on digital media particularly video and sound. I often additionally create physical objects such as prints, sculptures and installations in order to create an awareness of the physical absence inherent to the digital. Text has become a very important part of my work, as language possesses a large variety of layered meanings, which creates a very dynamic space to make work that criticises issues of our fast-paced culture. I am interested in notions of the Glitch and I have found in our relationships with technology a crash in a system of being human which has lead me to my most recent projects-theme: Online Relationships. As my main interest is to emphasise the importance of the mid-way aura created between humans and machines, I do not keep my medium enclosed in the digital world because physicalising the digital ghosts gives the viewer an opportunity to experience the critique.

Image Title: Our love is so tender


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