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Louise Fattizzo
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When did an artist make a breakthrough discovery by limiting themselves in the present? My experimental approach to painting has involved testing an endless list of unusual substances and media, including: polystyrene, chemicals, fire, found objects, metal, and the latest… shooting. The world around is my inspiration. I see beauty in the ignored. I design and make my own tools, predominantly using wood, that function as multi-purpose stamps and dragging tools, adding a personal touch to my approach to painting. Theories like Rosa Menkman’s Glitch Studies Manifesto and Gustav Metzger’s Auto-Destructive Art play have had a significant influence, through embracing chance, imperfection, risk-taking and destruction. From here, my work has evolved and as I work with dangerous solvents, chemicals and guns, I aim to demonstrate how much art and science share in common.

Image Title: I didn’t like it, so I shot it

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