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Katherine Twiggs
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I use a variety of media including but not limited to video, sound, sculpture and printmaking. My work is often an exploration of a theme and the artwork is the outcome of this enlightenment.
Her spirit through water is a multimedia piece utilising projection and sculpture. The work enables its audience to share the experiences I had after the loss of my grandmother. The projections coupled with sound take you on a cognitive journey that manifests the subsistence I needed during this difficult period of my life. The work not only reflects my coping mechanisms, it also gives the audience a glimpse into distinct memories of my grandmother. Specific symbols and motifs are used in this project with water being a recurring theme. From a spiritual perspective water is linked with life and cleansing. Within this body of work, I have created videos utilising water in various forms to create a link to the soul and spirit of my grandmother.

Image Title: Her spirit through water

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