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Jasmine Marsh
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My work is hand produced in the form of textural craft, I love to explore the contrast between labour and industrial ways of making. My practice explores diverse subject matter and the form and material choices are always led by the subject these can range from; textiles and needle point to wood burning or even in recent work using plant-based / organic materials. My pieces are representative of an individual or subject matter that I want to show respect for. Research is a big part of my practice this method creates a piece by piece narrative behind each work, formed by a number or accounts. Through this final year of my studies I have overcome my fear of using ready-mades. I now love to alter them, change their appearance and keep questioning myself. I am always inspired by the vibrancy of fabrics and embellishments and utilise these in the personalising of my ready-mades. Going forward the key question that I will continue to explore in the work is: Does my art have to be aesthetic to be truly loved?

Image Title: Safe and Sound

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