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Florence Steerment
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My current practice is based on paintings which are made on stretched raw canvas, where colour, shape, form are key concerns. By painting onto raw canvas, I aim to emulate the human touch and skin of the people that the paintings represent. By focusing mainly on the human body, the work addresses ageing through looking at the breaks in skin caused by childbearing or major surgeries. My parents are an inspiration: their physical presence and characteristics, and in particular their skin. Without their endurance, I would not be here. My artistic style is a combination of
painting, drawing and graphic images, fixing shape and form, and are influenced by Keith Coventry’s “Estate Paintings”. Taking inspiration from photographs, I have honed in on the shapes left
behind, rather than the whole surface of the body and this creates a maplike image. Colour is important to my practice and is used to connect my work back to the subject matter – deep purples and pale lilacs represent a vein or a blemish.

Image Title: You’re in here, You’re up here

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