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Daniel Almeida
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My practice concerns abstract and geometrical art, and examines both the physical production of painting and the digital. The digital conceptualisation of an image helps visualise composition and form in the development of a completed outcome, in a process which has multiple permutations and leads to the construction of a design which is fully-realised as a digital work, but can be adapted into a painting in acrylic on canvas. Utilising scale and medium to define metaphysical characteristics, additional stages of experimentation allow the most effective use of each area of practice. Elements of digital distortion are used to establish a base from where painting and digital work diverge – distortion persists despite the medium, from screen to canvas and canvas to screen, notions of texture and resolution are used respectively to examine each respective medium and to initiate an experimental, critical engagement with contemporary painting practice.

Image Title: Stereo Anaglyphic Chrome

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