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Atlanta Neil
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My work focuses on the emotional charge of painting and an overcrowding of thoughts and visuals. I work with fabrics that contain sentimental meaning in order to convey an entrance into the mind of mental health and stability, that can be perceived by many as a message; ‘It’s okay to not be okay’. Often my work portrays skin or flesh, as a device for expelling energies through my performative efforts onto the shell of my visual self. ‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.’ – Cesar A. Cruz

The juxtaposition lies in the mind of others and allows for a versatile response from each and every individual. The focal point of my work is abstract expressionism and performative gestures. The expenditure of emotional and physical human expression is a key aspect of my practise, working through a creative journey; process art. I work mainly with my hands and arms. I also use string, wool, blades and artistic instruments; that have been impaired in order to create defining lines and features for a ‘rough’ and ‘harsh’ outcome.

Image Title: Speed


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