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Sophie Neville
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My practice combines embroidery and textile crafts with contemporary feminist political subjects. I create text-based art which addresses attitudes held around gender inequality. My smaller works are framed by round embroidery hoops, and express single impactful statements. I also create wall hangings and installations which explore more complex issues through multiple pieces of text and imagery. Much of the text I use is appropriated from news headlines, social media and other online resources. I am interested in how digital culture affects the way we discuss and interact with feminist politics.

I use embroidery because of its associations with women’s history. Although at various points in time it has been a symbol of domesticity, stitching has been used by women for centuries as a means of self-expression. By addressing feminist subjects my work unashamedly subverts the medium’s domestic connotations. I adopt the craftivist philosophy that using slow, analogue techniques leads to a more considered approach to activist art. By transforming digital text into carefully crafted objects, I slow down what we see in fast-paced digital media. My work gives permanence to this online commentary on current socio-political attitudes.


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