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Sonal Keshwala
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Are you, or someone you know, suffering from mental health issues or illness? Do you know a vulnerable individual, like an elderly person living alone or a homeless family member?

I have always had a curiosity for understanding mental health, illness and vulnerability. I have been finding ways, not only to raise awareness, but also to show the truth behind what life really looks like for these people. As a support worker in mental health, I have been given the opportunity to gain incite and understanding of what it means and how it feels to be effected.

In my most recent work, I have considered these issues reflected in the life of an elderly lady. I have experimented with combining significant objects from her life with photography and video.

My piece ‘Anindra’ (Translation: Sleepless)’ is a short documentary, considering the life of an elderly Indian women, where illness and vulnerability is at its highest.

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