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Paige Edwards
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My work comes from an interest in my own mental health and an attempt to understand it using different forms of working. I use the physical production of work as a therapeutic way of dealing with my inner turmoil and as a way to observe my growth and development as I create each piece. Mainly working within painting and drawing, I like to keep the process vague and allow myself to impulsively create the different marks in the paint. Exploring the way paint can behave depending on the time and mood I am in, every time I paint. I want to see how differently the work can turn out depending on these factors. Black paint has been the dominant colour for the majority of my works – to show the way mental health can suppress me or anyone else. I like the way the darker paint covers the entire inner being of the painting, concealing it from the world. My current work is a visual representation of my own inner battle and how I can display that to the viewer.

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