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Mari Eriksen
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My practice deals with the complex meeting of space, time and the things that surround me. The installations address socio-political issues in an imaginary and non-literal way, where trauma, despair, courage and hope are investigated with equal concern. With the intention that this illusion of struggle and hopelessness contributes to confront reality, I invite the viewers to reflect upon the time we are living in. Working intuitively with materials within the designated space allows an immediacy and spontaneity, which is central to my practice. I am fascinated by creating a space for interaction, where the viewer is led by various notations in the visual language, and by the dialogues between the various elements and materials. Despite personal experience of profound trauma, I hope to convey a sense of the joy found in the very essence of being alive. I work with found, cheap, and often familiar materials from our everyday surroundings, but presented in a rather unfamiliar way. I believe that the notion of low-fi materials somehow speaks to everyone, and that the refusal of “richness” contributes to an interesting examination of class and power.

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