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Luke Braddick
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My practice focuses on representing the tension found within the marriage of various paradoxical themes. The absurdist humour and Neo-Dadaist sensibility of the work, functions as a semi-instinctual response to the disenchantment and social malaise experienced in a millennial culture of disposable consumerism.

The pseudo-illustrative aesthetic presented in the work is arrived at by appropriating and developing recognisable visual elements from modern popular-culture. Visual information is re-positioned and re-rendered to form a surreal, monochromatic reflection of itself – this process asks the observer to ruminate on the absurd nature of its origin. Furthermore, the aim is to interpret and explore the symbolic and ominous nature of the image at hand – to establish an empathetic connection to the artist and the psychological inflictions one may experience from a cultural saturation.

It is my intention to create a body of work that is a product of polarization. Images that are as flippant as they are sincere, meticulous yet unhinged, simultaneously explicit and ethereal. The objective is to draw the viewer into a space where the spiritual can exist in a world of black and white.

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