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Isabel Potts
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My work explores the human body, focusing on the critique of social media and its impact on society in the 21st century. Further questions align with how these online platforms promote and encourage voyeurism as a cultural standard of viewing the body as object. I execute this inquiry through photographic works alongside structural installations. The early 1990’s have played a huge role within my work, aesthetically, while also paving the way for my creative direction. Within my work, I mainly explore the distinct visual power of the Polaroid photograph. I believe the raw texture of film is incomparable to modern digital processes.

Today’s social media platforms highlight the lack of imperfections within modern photography. Art is not meant to be merely decorative or beautiful; instead, it can be ugly, uncomfortable, filled with imperfections. By addressing the everyday challenges that beset us all within the 21st century. My work strives to encourage others to confront their social value within an ever changing society.

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