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Immie Dungate
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My practice is primarily focused on sculptural installation, incorporating found and discarded items into my work. Ideas and inspiration come to me through the potential of reclaimed objects and their tactile nature. As of now my key material has been rubber, specifically using damaged and discarded bicycle inner tubes, which have been collected from various bicycle shops in Cambridge.

The key focus in my pieces are repetition and transformation, through the reuse of the same material (in this case rubber) in many novel ways, which often create an “other worldly” and unsettling feeling upon observation. I aim to create differing perspectives and experiences as the viewing distances and angles change – illusion is something that appears quite frequently in the final exhibits. As part of my current work I have been looking at how objects interact with the surrounding space, and how this is important to, and becomes part of, the overall experience. This is leading to the consideration of space in relation to the content held within, eventually to the extremes of black and white. The focus is on the similarities with surroundings that cause sensory deprivation, exploring their impact on the human psyche.

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