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Ella Laming
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My practice steams from the elemental idea of a domestic home.  The works look at fundamental aspects of a dwelling in an aim to trigger memory or emotive connection and to give an audience access to some of the overlooked or forgotten features of a home.  Naturally, in a lot of my work I draw on my own home, which I have lived in, from birth.

A main component of my work, looks at forms of translucency, as a way of mimicking the out of focus ‘looking through lace’ sensation when recollecting on a memory.  There is a key quote that inspires me from Siegfried Kracauer: ‘They are opaque, like frosted glass which scarcely a ray of light can penetrate’. The materiality of my media choices, glass wax and the use of instant film, try to link with the sub consciousness in an aim to enhance the viewers recollection.

My Glass wax pieces are created from a layer of clay that has been carved and drawn into, and the wax is melted and poured on the clay. I have a fascination with this material because it’s unique. It has the material properties of resin with a level of un-predictableness that creates something rare every time.

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