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Eleanor Lucas
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In my most recent works, I have explored and furthered my interest in abstraction through specific print making techniques such as photopolymer and photo-etching. I find these processes very intimate and personal. Witnessing the images develop over time and being able to tweak and work into the prints at different stages of the process allows a fluid dialogue to emerge. The line work of the photopolymer, gives me a base to work into, giving the pieces far more depth and brings a more personal relationship with the outcomes. I have developed the use of transparency and collage through the medium of solar plate printing – a process that has been fundamental and allows a vast array of possibilities by overlaying, cutting up and rearranging material elements. A more sculptural position has now started to emerge in my work with the use of acrylic, heated and moulded around my prints. The 3D aspect of the prints and the shattered view points have been a very exciting revelation. The outcomes almost transpire as captured moments, saved from disposal.

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