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Christian Copping
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Over my time on the BA Fine Art course I have discovered extraordinary connections between my artwork and the logical world we live in. Imagine the world as a simulation; your reality is the same perspective of awareness as everyone else, you have the same body components which make up the biological computer in which you are. Drawing from this perspective enables me to follow a set criteria of laws which help me metaphorically connect, observe and read logical patterns in us and in our relationship with nature.

I see this as an arch of relations in a ship sailing across the sea. The relationship between nature and humans is distinctively evident, manifesting in a rationality behind the logical as to why everything is so similar, this is the key to my practice. The planet is currently in an orbital spin we call days. Twenty-Four hours make these up. Is the consistency in time the same cycle in which binary opposition with the rationality of our genetic structure is manifested through patterns over an un-imaginable amount of time? My Artwork tries to access this new age of thinking, through a theoretical, hypothetical rationalistic neo-platonic code I have created through sacred geometry, I piece things together, threading chaos from order.

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