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Brent Brereton
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My subject matter is architecture, including both Modernist and traditional styles. However, the majority of my work is influenced by traditional architecture. Close detailed observation is the key to my working process, and whilst referring to photographic source material, the challenge is to see beyond the distraction that a photograph often presents, to capture the most essential information and display that in my own way.

The process of construction is important in all my pieces. In creating these 3d drawings, the process is perhaps more interesting than the outcome. It is important that I approach the subject matter using construction materials, to help maintain a link between making a drawing and constructing a 3d installation. The board used to mount the drawing is “Oriented Strand Board”, which is a type of engineered lumber formed by compressing layers of wood strands. This has a significant impact on the reading of the work, as it refers back to architectural forms and the constructed environment. My investigation hopes to analyse how these different materials and contexts respond to one another.

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