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Brenda Phillips
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As an artist, I am interested in exploring the subtleties of change over time and the traces left by things no longer present. Found objects may hint at the narrative of a past life; a medium may suggest a certain process which speaks of the intangible.

The point at which the fluid takes on solid form is contingent upon many conditions, as are the impressions and experiences from which memories are made. Liminal states at the edges of consciousness may solidify into substance or be lost like vapour on the wind.

My recent work has explored the extent to which process can dictate outcome and the ensuing challenge that this poses to the aesthetic of a work.

Both physical intimacy with, and a growing understanding of a given medium is hugely important to my practice and I find that a material-led approach enables me to work most productively. Allowing control to slip from my grasp is both difficult and exhilarating and working on a larger scale has been a significant development.

I still struggle to identify points of resolution but take comfort in the words of Anselm Kiefer who said “I am against the idea of the end, that everything culminates in paradise or judgment.”

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