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Fiona Viani-Pericchi
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I’m an Irish/French animator, and illustrator, with a fascination for light, colour and texture. In my practice, I enjoy combining traditional, hand-drawn images and print work with digital media; I generally love experimenting and mixing media.

My philosophy is to notice all the little, odd and wonderful details in life with a goal of telling fantastic stories.

My graduation film is based on the greek myth of Phédre, the young Queen of Athens who was cursed by the Goddess Venus to fall in love with her step-son, Hippolytus. The film portrays the fight she has within herself, her morals and against a divine curse. Her story is one that has stuck with me for almost a decade ever since reading the play of the same name by Jean Racine.


Phédre from Fiona Viani-Pericchi on Vimeo.


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