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Annie Freeman
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My name is Annie and I’m an Illustration and Animation student, originally from Shropshire.

My work is greatly influenced by my love of music and nature. I enjoy working across a wide range of media and projects from lino printing to map-making, music videos to band logos and graphics.

War Drums

War Drums, my final project, follows a bewildered Syrian man through chaotic, war torn Aleppo as he attempts to release an injured dove to safety.

I wanted to convey the bleakness of the situation through the controlling monochrome hands and ruined buildings; the dove acts as a faint glimmer of hope. During my art and design foundation course three years ago, I based my final project on the Syrian War and it greatly saddens me that four years later the conflict has only spiralled further out of control.

The animation takes its title from its soundtrack, an excerpt of the beautiful ‘War Drums’ by the talented, George Quinnell-Harcombe.



Showreel from Annie Freeman on Vimeo.

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