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Samantha Eagling
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My work explores the technical and visual elements associated with designing for Film and Television.

Bullets Over Broadway

The film is set in 1920s New York during the prohibition era. I was keen to produce period designs for this film and therefore chose not to alter the location or time setting. The culture which emerged from this period included the Art Deco Movement which is distinguishable by its use of luxurious colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. This was a style which I found to be the most fitting for the home of a wealthy and sophisticated woman. The ability to produce a set of designs, visually rich in texture, was of great importance throughout this project.



Little Voice

I am interested in the everyday lives of ordinary people and its portrayal on screen through the medium of television.

The narratives of British Social Realist texts focus on the effects of contemporary social issues, often exploring the lives of the working-class. Single dramas that emerged from the play strand, ‘Play for Todayengaged mass audiences with social comment and artistic experimentation.

Directors such as Mike Leigh incorporated satire into serious subject matters, making light of difficult situations. The intention of this project was to produce a set of designs to a professional standard that visually enhanced the story of ‘Little Voice’ in a contemporary style, yet at the same time reflected a typical working-class theme.



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