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Jade Hairs
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Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Most of my life I have had issues with my body. Whether it was my weight, or the way I looked, I didn’t like it. Were you ever told as you were growing up that you had a big bum? That you were fat? Then looking back at that time, the old pictures and memories and realized you weren’t? You do see that sometimes you looked ill, unhappy, tired, but you were not called any of these.

In today’s world, we constantly talk about how we should eat natural organic food. You shouldn’t eat caged chicken eggs. You mustn’t have too much sugar, or additives. Yet in spite of these messages, we look at films, magazines and television to see how artificial we MUST look; images are edited so much that they no longer resemble real people.

My work is my own art therapy. I have taken the human body, the different shapes, sizes and genders into the studio to create beautiful landscapes. Natural, human forms, that perhaps the subjects felt were ugly, are turned into something bigger and more awe inspiring. Put simply, I have demonstrated that we are all naturally beautiful.


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