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Hannah Stacey
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When I work with wildlife photography, it reminds me that there are struggling species in the world. These images are selected from a larger body of work. I have been looking at endangered species and I wanted to portray them, on the wall, but in a way that they look free, not caged. The animals that I have exhibited are all endangered. I chose to keep the images mounted without a frame as putting them behind glass could have represented a zoo cage.

Animal and wildlife photography is found in many different areas, from magazines to billboards promoting conservation. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that the poaching and killing of animals for fur and medicine is still very real and continues to happen. What can we do to promote conservation and help rule out poaching altogether?

I have a keen interest in endangered species and the conservation of our wilflife. I hope that this body of work will spark some questions into the captivity of animals and their conservation. It is important to build this body of work and document the animals now, while we can, as we do not know how long they will be around



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