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Elsa Dinletir
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Sun God

The sun is an important part of everyday life.
Without it the Earth would have never existed.

Does this mean that we should consider the sun as a god? These photographs are follow my own representations of a sun god; they take form in two, very different, ways.

The external photographs represent the Sun God as it appears in my mind. Most of the time this image is of a higher being; someone powerful.

The blue-toned photographs show what would happen if the sun had guilt and regrets. Would the sun still shine as bright? Or is this what an eclipse really is, a method of hiding shameful feelings.

My photography will also be exhibited at the Hoxton Gallery in London for the We Surveil exhibition.



You can also find me on ModelMayhem or DeviantArt.


Model: Mua
Styling: Michal Szpak

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