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Charlotte McCooey
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Out of Fashion (Out of Mind)

After life in full-time education, I fear what will come next; an obligation to a career that I am not commited to. How will I pursue my dreams? I realised that I had to face my fear, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Primarily a fashion photographer, ‘Out of Fashion (Out of Mind)’ is a multimedia installation which incorporates sound and vision and was inspired by those who have inspired me; those who took a different route into the world of fine art.

A gradient of colour develops through my photographs, beginning with the dull office photos and ending with the fine art inspired images. The suits represent the outer pressure to confirm, the gradual build up of colour symbolises the internal creative pressures and the balloons, accompanied by profanity, indicates my subconcious, bursting.

The subjects are like-minded, creative acquaintances to whom I issued individual activities, before accumulating into the results into a collective psyche; a ‘stage’ for the balloons. I cropped the images, searching for the individual moments that get overlooked; each one adding to a bigger picture, the world-wide fear of not measuring up to expectaction.


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