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Carina Hassell
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Ashes in my Eyes

As a young girl, I lost two very important men; at the age of six, I lost my grandad and at eleven, I lost my uncle. They taught me two of the most valuable things I know, Grandad taught me how to read and my Uncle Alan gave me the tools to develop my passion for photography and music. This is where some of my most beautiful memories with them are held and where their ashes lay. As a child, the first steps I made into Webber’s Post provoked the need just to run, not out of fear but freedom. I would become lost in a land of daydreams.

The day we scattered my grandfather’s ashes, they flew into my eyes. As a naïve six year old girl, I turned around and said to everyone, “it’s okay, now Grandad will be with me forever”. As I have grown older, going back is not quite the same, my urge to run has been replaced with an urge to shoot pictures, and to keep shooting. This is my way of showing them that all I want is to make them proud.





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