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Amy Judd
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I am not the first photographer and artist to use flowers as a way of expressing emotion and I am sure I will not be the last. Nature photography has always been an interest of mine and something that I was certain I wanted to do for my final major project. However, I needed my work to be more than beautiful images of flowers, it needed to have a meaning and convey something to the viewer.

The language of flowers has been a secret way for someone to express their thoughts and feelings about another person and it is a language that has largely been forgotten. I wanted to use my photographs of flowers as a language and a way of communicating my thoughts and feelings about myself and how I feel about my life at the moment. A daffodil for new beginnings, the hyacinth for sorrow and the primrose for childhood. I hope, by viewing my work, that people will be encouraged to think about what flowers they would use to express their feelings and to think more about the way they commicate with others.


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