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Alison Bonner
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Indecisive Moments: Tides of Memory

In my pictures, the viewer is invited to use sound and vision as a trigger and think nostalgically on their own experiences of the seashore.  I suggest what may be familiar, without knowing for certain, hence the ‘indecisive moments’: these are not my memories, they are yours.

The project was process lead.  Initially, I paid more attention  to ‘how’ the project was done and let ‘why’ develop later.  It enabled me to work experimentally and be open to accidental results, which fitted well with the whole ethos of pinhole photography.

My project aims to consider memory as a living construction; a multi-sensory experience.  Photography proved the perfect medium for the task.   Light was played across the negative in two ways: in the darkroom to make the prints and through an optical Theremin to make the sounds. This unusual, dual presentation of the raw image material serves to highlight the importance of the interplay between sight and sound in the formation of our memories.

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