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Alara Bailey
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Looking In

This series of images aim to explore the concept of habits in people’s lives. This derives from one of my own habits, where I explore the idea of looking into housees with the intent to admire and see what is inside. I have been told thisis weird by several of my friends! Despite this, after beginning the project, many people have admitted they do the same, but do not tell others.

This project carefully considered and tested the ethics of photographing private spaces. It might be considered intrusive, but all of the images were taken legally on the street.

The project also dealt with practical difficulties; physical barriers (netting, frosted and distorted glass), my own reflection (I didn’t want to feature in the images) and above all, getting the right distance from the window without cars or objects obstructing the view.

Ultimately, the images ended up being more inviting and aesthetically intriguing than intrusive, drawing the viewer closer to look in the window.


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