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Hayley Gilbanks
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The Wedding Singer is my recent, final university project, it was a student-led, musical theatre production, which gave everyone a chance to showcase their talents as a company. The set design revolved around the idea of the 1980’s music scene and had to meet a budget, which is why I used the backdrop as the main spectacle and broke the scenes down to the bare essentials. I building the set myself and I am pleased with my achievement.

Medea was my first ‘real’ production experience, collaborating with a fellow student on the set and costume. I enjoyed and learnt from the opportunity to see my work on stage and ‘in-play’. The story played on multiple personality traits; all the females were ‘Medea’, the males, ‘Jason’. This was re-inforced through costumes with subtle differences. The set design was themed around revealing, concealing and projections; the ‘office blinds’ worked to hide characters at certain times. I also worked beautifully with lighting and projections.

One In, One Out was my first experience designing and making for film, collaborating with film production students, yet we wished to keep a theatrical element. I created alleys and dark areas to establish a this mysterious, dark world that the characters inhabited. I enjoyed every moment of this project and hope to work on something that has a similar level of drive and passion in the future.

The Man Upstairs gave me experience with special effects, hair and make-up. Working with new materials and techniques was a great learning curve and special effects make-up is a real interest now and would love to learn more. I collaborated with another student on the set and costume for this film. Creating an intimidating atmosphere and character was great fun. Horror films are hard to get right, but I feel we achieved a believable reality.



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  1. Pedro Says:

    May 17th, 2012 at 1:44 am

    Great work on the 2nd picture 🙂

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