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Emma Atkinson
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Throughout my time at Cambridge School of Art, I have shown my passion for this subject and created my own style, which fully demonstrate my abilities.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer was part of my final major project; it was a student-led, musical theatre production and I worked closely with the director and cast members. The costume designs had to be based on 1980’s American fashion and meet a low budget. I sourced main character costumes and the cast were able to gather supplies with the help of my extensive costume breakdown. I was very pleased with the outcome of the show, which everyone worked so hard to create.

Assembly Women

 Assembly Women was my first on stage production; a comedy that focuses on a group of women who take over Athens and  institute a socialist state, enforcing equality. I worked with an active director and fellow students on the set and costumes. The director wanted to portray stereotypes, and use silhouettes in the set, which plays a part in the story, creating the town where the play is set. A lighting change revealed and hid various silhouettes.

Pirate Queen

Pirate Queen was my first experience designing for a film, collaborating with 3rd year Film students. I made an Elizabethan throne to be used in the film; the director wanted authenticity but kept within budget. I wasn’t able to buy an exact replica, so I drafted a few ideas and in the end, I used a throne silhouette and use of colour to make my final idea. I found this project time consuming but I enjoyed the detailed work.




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