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Patricia Szulborska
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The Age of Enlightenment

Spring / Summer 2013

Designed for an elegant and confident woman, the collection drew inspiration from a span of two centuries – 17th-century Poland and 18th-century France. Taking reference from the movie ‘With Fire and Sword’ by Jerzy Hoffman and ‘Marie Antoinette’ by Sofia Coppola, I have combined the strength of leather with softness of silk and lace, accented by brass jewellery and feminine detailing. The look is strong, yet delicate and feminine, just like the women of that era.



Thank you to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and to my great team:
Photography © Justin Van Vliet
Graphic Design: Tom Rose
Models: Felicia Yap, Jinnipha Janphimai, Kimberly Fisher
Hair: Marta Bak

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