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Oscar Paterson
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I have spent the majority of my life so far working with traditional techniques and so those are the skills that have had the greatest influence on my work. Completing my degree in Computer Games and Visual Effects at the Cambridge School of Art has meant I have had to learn new skills, mainly digital. My 3D modelling has certainly benefited from my traditional background since many of the techniques and knowledge are simply a digital equivalent of what I have experience of. Animation has been something I’ve had to work harder at but I’ve found that my knowledge of anatomy has helped with understanding movement.

Since starting university, I have become fairly proficient at working in 3D modelling. I have also gained experience in dynamics, animation, rendering, texturing, level design, match-moving and cinematography; my particular strengths have been modelling, lighting, compositing and rigging.

I have experience of Maya, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Mudbox, Boujou and Vue, as well as the Unity game engine.

In the future, I hope to work in film industry, specialising in visual effects, although I would also like to work in games development.


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