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Andrew Morris
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Hi, my name is Andrew Morris, I am a student on the Computer Games & Visual Effect course.

Over the past semester, I have been making a visual effects film called “The Mountain“, which makes use of all the techniques and ideas I have learnt during the course. This includes film grammar, digital compositing and matchmoving, as well as the 3D software packages: Autodesk Maya and Pixologic Zbrush. I was able to integrate CG characters and particle effects into the film that wasn’t in the original film footage. The entirety of the film was shot against a greenscreen background. This was done so I could composite a completely black background and also integrate the effects that I wanted to into the film with ease. I have always been interested in graphic novels and film noir, so it was interesting to make a film where I could amalgamate the two styles to make a visually striking piece.


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