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Alex Stanlake
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My fascination with the humble pixel has informed much of my recent work. The ever-increasing realism of computer-generated imagery found in both film and games can provoke a strong reaction of nostalgia for a simpler visual style, especially for those of my generation who grew up with the rapid growth of the gaming industry. I have drawn influence from 8-bit and 16-bit era video games, as well as various forms of more modern ‘pixel art’, to create my work.

As an illustrator I have experimented with new ways of drawing digitally – tools such as Photoshop now allow a great deal of variety and authenticity of mark-making. I have found that building up an image pixel-by-pixel to be extremely counter-intuitive yet ultimately rewarding, I have had to regularly reconsider my technique and approach to drawing whilst creating my graduation film.

As an animator I have been working with music – utilizing changes in volume and pace to punctuate the dramatic visual actions, as well as allowing extended crescendos to build tension and drive a narrative forward. I have used my pixel drawings to create simple looping animated sprites for characters, particles and background objects, which are then composited into a scene.

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