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Yasmine Khreisheh
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This series is a personal response to the dress codes imposed upon women in Islamic society, informed by my own religious upbringing.

“Veiled” seeks to address the validity of covering up the body in the name of modesty, through a series of intimate self-portraits, depicting the body draped in sheer fabric. Visually, the images draw heavily from the draped fabrics and voluptuous nudes of Classical Greek sculpture and Baroque paintings.

These images are an attempt to celebrate the nude form and its inherent sexuality, despite the barrier of the veil that falls between subject and viewer. Furthermore the transparent sheen of the fabric and the way it clings to the curves of the body only serves to enhance, rather than diminish, the eroticism of the images.

The intention was to create a series of photographs that celebrate the beauty of the naked body, and rebel against the belief that such sensuality is shameful and should be hidden.

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