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Sophie Johnson
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The Answer To Everything

This series is based on my experiences as a Dyspraxic student. There was a lack of help and understanding available to me in a system, which seemed more interested in grants and routine procedures than individuals and their requirements. This spurred me on to create my series in the style of surrealism and satire to portray the blundering and often bizarre coping strategies handed to me on behalf of my requests for assistance.

To my amusement, I found the treatment and solutions on offer comparable to Victorian quacks and the ideas behind early ‘scientific’ and ‘medical’ treatments. It is because of this that I have presented my images in a Steampunk/ Victoriana style, as well as delivering each image with a humorous promotional blurb, akin to the kind of advertising available in the 19th Century.

Finally, in keeping with the Steampunk approach I chose to exhibit my images through the art of stereoscopy (three dimensional imagery), so that my audience are able to experience a visual novelty of the Victorian come modern age.


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