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Robert Walker
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Living With Tattoos

Having worked with people with tattoos during several jobs I have always noticed how employers asked colleagues to wear long sleeve shirts to cover their tattoos. I find it a confusing topic that this is still happens, even in a country with freedom of speech and so many expressive cultures that a simple drawing on someone’s arm must be covered up from customers. This reinforces the perception that people with tattoos are violent or scary and must be hidden from mainstream society. Despite tattoos quickly rising up in status in society it is still an off-putting feature for an employer to see a tattoo in a job interview.

The idea of the series was to take emphasis away from the actual tattoo and focus on the person in the image. I chose a select range of subjects varying in age and background to help break the stereotype of the typical person who gets tattoos. The choice of black and white over colour was made to emphasise character of the person rather then the colourful tattoos the men in the series have.

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