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Eve Miller
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A Conversation with Jo

“Life with a newborn can be chaos”

My project focuses on my friend Jo and her daughter Mayah (pronounced ‘My-ah’).  I have been photographing Mayah since the day she was born and the conversations I had with Jo inspired me to look further into new-mum stresses.

Nobody tells new mothers how hard life is with a new baby, one online article says: ‘You may think you have a good idea and smile serenely when people warn you of the crying, the broken nights, the tenth nappy change of the day.  But until you have experienced it, you cannot comprehend what is feels like.’
Jo was a very capable woman before Mayah was born.  She was organised, extremely tidy and able to cope with any situation thrown at her.  Mayah changed everything, Jo wasn’t able to clean as often as she liked, doing the most simple daily activities was a challenge.

The images of Mayah show how adorable and cute she most definitely is.  But if you pair this with the recorded conversation with Jo, you realise how difficult life is with a new baby.


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