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Emily Jasper
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My work reflects my thoughts on life being a certain ‘passage through time’, I see life stretch in a string of stories, and I create photographic stories to demonstrate my thoughts and experiences.  My work stretches from my childhood and how I interpreted life then, and how the interpretation has changed now I am an adult.  I enjoy working with medium format colour film, but I am not prejudice to working with digital as well, and most of my recent work has been digital based.

For this series I have based the pictures on a short children’s story that I had written, creating a kind of photo storyboard.

The transition from child to adult is a somewhat lonely experience, no-one can tell you who you will grow up to be, what you will like and dislike, you have to figure it out for yourself.  In my story I have written about a child’s search to try and find ‘herself’, literally searching for a hint or a sign to guide her.  Inevitably she finds what she is looking for, and I leave you wondering if the search actually took place at all, or if it was all just a dream.


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