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Amanda Sealey
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Still Standing

Amanda’s photography has been mainly documentary in nature, with travel photography being her passion. More recently, however, she has become more absorbed into the landscape genre, in particular the landscape of her surrounding Suffolk homeland.

A manmade, makeshift fixture on the farming landscape, the Scarecrow is a very familiar figure in rural England, and throughout the world. Its dishevelled and ragged image has beguiled and attracted writers, poets and filmmakers for centuries. It has also generated intrigue and mystery and been used for symbolism and representation in some of these works. It is, however, a temporary fixture on the rural landscape. The scarecrow exists in a liminal state of ambiguity, openness and indeterminacy.

However temporary, the scarecrow has stood the test of time, despite modern advancements in the field. It stands as a long tradition that has represented emotions of both loneliness and belonging, thus conveying the paradoxes of identity. Amanda explores these matters through a visual meditation of her immediate surroundings, using the scarecrow as a means not only to represent and symbolise her own current, temporary introspection but also to emphasise the need, at times, to stand still and contemplate the way of the world.


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