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L Sturge
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I enjoy experimenting with new ways of working, trying out different media and formats. This means that I am not limited by any set style and I have more freedom to tailor my work to specific projects.

For my Final Major project I chose to illustrate William Golding’s book Lord of the Flies, which really captured my imagination and provided me with a great opportunity to be playful with my media and combine everything I have learnt during my time at The Cambridge School of Art.

You will see that my illustrations for Lord of the Flies include a collage of paint, hand drawn elements, found and created textures, a little photography and even Hapazome – the Japanese art of flower bashing to create prints. I then used a computer to finish off the images, but only for composition, as my ethos has always been about working traditionally.

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One Response for “L Sturge”

  1. Andrew Jones Says:

    May 23rd, 2010 at 10:28 am

    These are truly marvellous images! They do exactly what a new take on a well known classic should do. they make you think about the book in a new way: they really emaphasise the innoncence of those shipwrecked boys over and above the darkness and the menace that is usually left in one’s mind. These images could eaily lure in new readers – I LOVE ‘EM

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