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Kay Hett
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The colours and light quality associated with the British coast are a significant inspiration for my work.

I am intrigued by the objects we use and collect and the hint of personality or happening suggested by them. Perhaps a half empty cup of tea, a blanket thrown across a chair, letters on a mantelshelf, shoes left by a door.

Texture and colour are key elements, and are used in an attempt to capture atmosphere, emotion, a sense of place.

I predominantly use mixed media, including paint, pastels, inks and collage, to build layers of colour and texture. The work is then scraped and sanded; washes are applied to further enhance the surface quality. Spills and drips add spontaneity and a hand finished aesthetic.

Images for the Degree Show 2010 are inspired by Jeanette Winterson’s book “Lighthousekeeping”.


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