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Alexander Swarbrick
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The Final year has given me the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to progress into the theatre design industry. Building upon practical and studio projects of the previous years this exhibition shows my designs for Mozart’s Opera ‘The Magic Flute’ and the designs and production of ‘The Awkward Stage’ performed at The Leys School.

The designs for ‘The Magic Flute’ developed with discussions I had with the director Simon Bell. The operas theme was enlightenment, the journey from dark to light with reference to freemasonry and music. The 80’s music was the starting point and with the director the designs developed around the miners strikes of ‘84 and ‘85. The main characters descend from their ‘yuppie’ lifestyles to the darkness of the coal mines.

The ‘Awkward Stage’ is an anthology of scenes from plays about teenage relationships. Finding a design to link these scenes together and collaborating with directors inexperienced of working with a designer was the challenge. This was a practical project and going through the entire design and building process was difficult working to and against many constraints that theatre design has.

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