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Rex Vegbey
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The power of audio-visual motivated me to study Film and TV Production for the purpose of education especially targeting the youth. Thus, my passion for non-fiction stories reflecting in my following productions as Producer/Director:
i. Ta’i Chi – An alternative sport for physical and mental development.
ii. Eating eggs:Healthy or a killer?-A Documentary on ‘The truth about eating eggs’
iii. Inter-ethnic marriages: Happy Together?-Are you in such a relationship or afraid to enter into one? Hear the experiences of those in it in this Documentary.
iv. Deep Breath-Mismanagement of anger can result in a disaster presented in a multi-camera drama.
v. Lousy Cards- Life is like lousy cards, you may lose no matter how you play your hands. This Docudrama is an example of a life experience.
vi. Was Blind, Now I See: Under the guise of love some women can be stupid. A Drama inspired by a true story.
v. Kaysha Show- A TV Show on the theme of Mistakes that we make especially as young persons without taking into account the far reaching effects.

rexveg Showreel from rexveg on Vimeo.


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